11 year old Chris helps his father Manoli Stavrulakis take out brickoven cooked pizza to a table at his father’s new Southridge restaurant, Pizza Barbarossa. Photo by Kenny Kemp, Charleston Gazette.

Greetings my friends! As you probably already know, I am always on the lookout for fresh food ideas; especially in restaurants. There is a new one in the area. It’s called Pizza Barbarossa.

This new eatery is the brainchild of Charleston restaurateur, Manoli Stavrulakis. Manoli, if you remember, owned the wonderful Mykonos Cafe, which closed in 2005.

Located in Dudley Farms Plaza, along Corridor G, in part of the former Shoe Carnival location, this eclectic restaurant is going to be big!

Pizza Barbarossa, serves Greek-Italian style food including pizza. The restaurant opened a few weeks ago.

Stavrulakis has dreamed of owning a Greek-Italian-style restaurant, since he first opened Café Creperi in Kanahwa City.

The menu is a nice mix of Greek and Italian cuisine. There are some favorites on the menu that were served at Mykonos.

The calamari, bread, dressings and spaghetti, as well as the Chicken Alfredo and Chicken Marsala, are all carry over successes that belong on this new menu.

The pizzas. Oh, how the pizzas are made. One of the mainstays of the restaurant are the pizzas: made daily, from the freshest ingredients available and expertly cooked in a brick oven.

Another twist to this eclectic blend of foods is the boat shaped Peinirli. Comprised of dough, cheese, and myriad filling choices, “Peinirli” is a sumptuous old-world snack that came to Greece in the early 1920s from Asia Minor.

Try the veggie. It’s perfect with the Greek Salad. That’s what I ordered. Mywaitress used an ipad to take my order and I swiped my credit card right there at the table. Very cool!

Pizza Barbarossa also serves calzones, signature pasta, and subs that are fired in the brick oven. All in all, I was pleased with the food at the brand new Dudley Farms Plaza shop.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ve got to stop in, say hello to Manoli and order some great food.